Cheap, effective, and best of all EASY...

For some time I have wanted to add detachable power cord sockets to equipment without such facility. Until now, I haven't attempted it, mainly because I don't want to cut into a chassis to fit an IEC block.

Then, as I sat mesmerized by my Basis 1400, I glanced at the motor assembly, and voila! If you are familiar with the 1400, you probably know where I'm going with this already.

Get a female IEC -> male IEC "jumper" cable (Allied stock # 626-9981), chop off the female end, insert it into the chassis through existing power cord hole, and connect it up.

What you end up with is a short 3-5 inches pigtail coming out of the exisiting hole, with a male IEC socket on the end of it.

I am interested in this mainly for flexibility. Now I can use any length of power cord that I want when I move things around. I am no longer stuck with the usual 6 foot length.
I've been also thinking plugging in such "pigtale" into existing hole, but my amps are too close to the wall and the power cord will not fit. I've threaded the VanDenHul Mainstream cord instead of stock and soldered it directly to the power switch. One day when I won't be so lazy I will cut the chasis to hide IEC since the rear pannel is aluminium and very easy to cut.
Go to Radio Shack and ask for a tool called the "nibbler". This tool is very versatile and can slowly nibble to the size and shape you want. I have used this tool ever so often to install IEC on components. Cost is approx $10-15.

Hope it helps