Cheap DAC with high output voltage

I'm looking for a cheap (up to $400 used) DAC with a high output voltage (> 2V, preferably as much as 5V). Does anyone have any recommendations?
The ART D-I/O DAC that was hugely popular a couple of years ago had a very high output. I think it was possibly even more than 5 volts. There were lots of mods performed on these too.


the DI/O is your best bet, drop me an email. It has 7V output.
Monarchy audio 22A/B/C. It has internal jumpers to configure for low or high output voltage. The high setting is very high. I use the low setting to give better volume control on my preamp. It's a pretty nice DAC, too, provided it's fed a low jitter signal.
Hi, I've personally found, and many other here have also mentioned too, that the California Audio Labs (CAL Alpha DAC thows a quite hot output signal.

Factory rated at 3.5V, some have said it's closer to actually being 4V. A $1450 Tube DAC when it sold new (2-12AX7A) they can be had for around $400-$500. I pair $450 for my mint Alpha right here. Mark
Thanks for the great suggestions. Now, which of these DACs would produce deep, dynamic and controlled bass? This DAC would only be used for frequencies below 200 Hz, so midrange and treble reproduction is irrelevant here.

How are you going to be using a DAC only for frequencies below 200hz? What are you going to use for the frequencies above 200hz?

Either you're confused about the purpose of a DAC or you've come up with a usage that I've never imagined. And I've been around the block a few times......


The DAC would be used with TacT RCS 2.2XP room corection system/digital crossover. The crossover will be set at 200Hz, 4th order. Top of the line Exemplar DAC will cover the top part and I need another DAC to cover the bass. I need something with a high output and obviously with great bass performance.