Cheap Cure for Desktop Digital?

To decouple the monitors on my desktop, as well as aim them more on axis as I sit in a nearfield position, I mounted short spikes at the back of the cabinet and a slightly taller spike in the front center.

I must admit I like the way this looks and it decouples and fixes the monitors nicely.

Just for fun, however, and to also test other monitors without committing to spiking the cabinets, I bought a cheapo pair of Auralex foam risers, which have extra pads to lower or raise the speakers slightly as well as point them up or down.

And I have just noticed that with the tweeters pointing down and NOT firing straight into my ears, the speakers are surprisingly smoother and less fatiguing.

I use Auralex in my office under my Adam powered monitors. I'd concur entirely - definitely a nice way to go for desktop monitors.