Cheap Crack

Hey all. I've been getting the itch recently to get a new DAC. But I found a cheaper way to get my thrills! NOS tubes! I am totally new to the tube planet, so I think this will be more fun than dropping 3K on a DAC that will be worth a quarter of that in a year... From the research I've done, the best thing I can do right now is get some Mullard CV4004 12AX7's. I have the Rogue Magnum Tempest Integrated Amp and am loving it! It's presently outfitted with all Electro-Harmonix 4 X KT88 4 X 12AU7 2 X 12AX7.

After changing out those 2 EH's for those 12AX7 Mullards, what kind of sound will I be getting? Is it possible to swap 2 of the 4 12AU7's for some Mullards?

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Is it possible to individually bias each tube?{2/4} The Mullards are great in the mid-bass to lower treble,they are not as quick and extended as a Siemens or Telefunken. The mullard CV-40004 has quicker/better top-end then a stndard ,those are the military version 12AX7. Every tube will have its'own character,you may get the best reults using a single brand in the phono and a different brand in the line portion. Possibly one for phono and another for line-level inputs. Happy hunting and good luck. Tom
I'll add to Tom's fine post that not only does each tube have its own character, but that the character will also depend on the circuit it's in. In my Audio Logic DAC, I prefer the sound of Telefunken 12AU7s to Mullard CV4003s as much more balanced tonally. The Mullards have a brightness in the 1-5khz range that I personally don't like in this DAC, although it does add a bit more life and energy to the tonal balance that many enjoy (including the DAC's designer). Put the same Mullard tube in my JA80 amps, though, and the added punch is very welcome. Best thing about tube rolling is that it's easy to do and reversible, so don't be afraid to experiment.