Cheap class A intergrated power.....

Looking for best buy intergrated that could drive a 4 ohm or used...older Musical Fidelity?
0af4f876 eb83 4323 a292 3564f9bafea1phasecorrect They got some nice used Mcintosh intergrateds you might wanna take a look at.Fair asking prices .Musical fidelity is a nice product too.
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Look into the Music Hall Mambo. A very solid unit for the money.
The cheapest and one of the best bang for the buck is the MF A300.
It drove my big Maggies with absolute authority! I will miss it.Also you have the Kavent 210 and the Xindak 6900.
I haven't heard these but they do look interesting.

Good Luck!
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The best integrated, without a doubt is A300S from bvaudio, no question about it. Do your homework and compare this one to any other integrated.
I sold my MF A300 last year for $ 900. and felt lucky to get rid of it,even though I'd lost a bundle.The reason ? Even though it had great build quality and a lot of features including a ton of power, the sound was uninvolving and dull to the point of being annoying.Went to a 50 watt ASL tube integrated and it's a whole new world of listening.
Sounds like a tube man!LOL
50 watts on the wrong speakers can be uninvolving.
The sum of parts makes the connection not just one component.

All the Best!
I do'nt know if they come up in the US, but do'nt forget the good old Sugden A21 integrated. It's quite cheap, very reliable and wonderfully musically envolving in the right system. That means reasonably sensitive speakers, but presumably you would'nt be considering class A if you did'nt have those. I agree with JKaway, I have never liked Musical Fidelity much and I'm British, Sugden is a wondeful, but less well known company, with to me a much more envolving "house sound"
Cheap is relative - but new inexpensive Jolida 1501 or used Acurus DIA 10. I have seen some GREAT deals on Ebay for Hafler 9505 which has gobs of power and I think a great sounding amp. You will have to add a preamp to the Hafler. Good luck.
oooops! meant Acurus DIA-100 - sorry.
This has always confused me. Some say class a as a marketing term and others use it to describe a function one step about class ab "push-pull" that generates what is not being drawn upon as heat.

Cheap is in the wallet of the beholder and I know you said integrated but I've heard Monarcy Audio's 70 model that is legit class a and a good buy at its price.
If you're talking separate pre/power, then the Monarchy or of course Pass labs Aleph series are a great choice. I use an Aleph 3 and it will have to be peeled from my grasp on my deathbed. Both are to be found at good prices in the used adverts
Hi phasecorrect,
I refered to your posts prior to purchasing my Europas, so would like to return the favor. I have recently replaced a solid state system with Dodd Audio preamp and 8watt stereo amp and its driving the GMAs beautifully. Gary Dodd makes a series of amps that have a built in voloume control so can function as an integrated. I highly recommend Gary and his products and particularly as a great match for the Europas.
My system (previously Morrison ELAD to Pass Labs Aleph 3) which was too bright and grainy when fed by a Mac computer for source via a USB to RCA interface, is now so listenable, enjoyable, even without a DAC (scott Nixon tubedac). when DAC is inline I dont miss my Jolida CDP, or solid state equipment at all. Whats more the typical criticism of tube amps (and the reason I have shyed away) ie the lack of extension in the lows and highs, DOES NOT APPLY here. I have better, deeper, more controlled bass and better, more enjoyable highs with the Dodd 8wpc stereo amp than I ever did with the 30wpc aleph.
take care
Very cheap alternative is 70's kenwood or kenwood trio models like the ka7100/ka9100 etc these go for hundreds of dollars and probablly have dirty coontacts but they did sound great. These aren't related to current kenwoods they are more related to accuphase. features= pure class a, dual power supplies and dc circuitry etc . Audio Classics are very good people and I purchased my new c2200 + mc2102 from them and they are always ready to help and service your purchase.