Cheap CD option for the folks

This is not a HiFi question, but maybe you can help. My parents have an inexpensive mass market system with crude speakers. They're retired now and have lots of time, and I would like to treat them to some better sound. They would never think it worthwhile to upgrade their system themselves, and whatever I do must be modest. So, I am thinking of something like buying them a pair of Paradigm Atoms, which would fit in well and wouldn't seem extravagant to them. ----- They don't have a CD player in their system (they do have a CD boombox), and I think maybe I should get them one of those, too. Are there any really inexpensive options -- I'm thinking maybe a well-made portable -- that people could suggest that would fit the plan here? I'm looking for suggestions for the cream of the cheapie alternatives. ----- Thanks.
Hi There, What you might want to do is get the folks a decent center channel speaker and some kind of A/V recever to power it. I know my aging (quite gracefully) parents have trouble understanding TV dialog, etc. and I'm going to get them this soon. Regards, Ken
The Sony CDP-XE500 is phenomenal for $130 on the web. No way you'll find better sound for that kind of money. Good features on the remote and it's built very well indeed. I love Paradigm speaks. Also look at some of the PSB mini's. They are great for the money. You didn't mention amp or receiver. Why not look at the NAD L40--it's an all-in-one that's gotten some raves!
Conclusion of story is: While visiting the parents these past few days, I found a stereo-in-a-box package consisting of Mission 750 LEs with a Denon receiver and 5-disc CD changer (regular size pieces). Original price was $799; I bought the floor set for $549. Never got to hear the electronics; I immediately swapped them for brother-in-law's 5-yr old Yamaha receiver (definitely a step up from the piece my folks had) and single-CD player plus cash to further lower my costs. It was the little Missions I was after. They are pretty sweet. I wish I'd had more time to listen to them before I had to catch my flight home.