Cheap Canadians

I see new canadian speakers on the us market for almost half off retail, seeing as many view these speakers as excellent values at full price (paradigm and psb in particular) would I be stupid for not jumping at them, also who are the sources for these (paradigm in particular)
Where are you finding such good deals on Paradigms? Are these current products? Paradigms are good deals even at retail, so if you can get them at half off it's definitely a great deal. Paradigm has recently upgraded their Monitor series line. Maybe the good deals are on the discontinued version 1 series? Let me know where you've seen such good deals in the states. I live near the Canadien border and often hear about people buying there just to take advantage of the exchange rates.
Not necessarily stupid. But if you like 'em, buy. I bought the PSB silver's, half off. Overall a very nice speaker. I want something bigger and better one day, but for now they are doin a super nioe job. Excellent value, easy to drive. Will compete favorably against lots, and more expensive too (even at full retail). Easy to recommend, especially for the $ I think you can get for $1100 on line now, new, not even blemishes, right? Not a thing wrong with any of that.

I just wanted to echo your observation, I too have seen a lot of those speakers (paradigm and psb) for sale here, on ebay, and on various web sites in the past 3 months. I have also seen sonic frontiers (another canadian compnay) products offered at substantial savings. I would speculate that that there may be a lot of these in the market, driving the prices down, which happens from time-to-time in the biz....but I am just guessing. I don't think there is anything wrong with the speakers, so go for it if you like the sound.
I suspect the reason you are seeing the Canadian equipment for so cheap is the exchange rate between our currencies. While in Vancouver last summer I picked up a Bryston 3B amp for a friend brand new from a dealer there. It cost me only $1100 and change ship directly to his door in CAlifornia via UPS 2 day. He paid $100 duty. I think that amp sells for 1700-1800 in the states. This same dealer had the PSB's and with the exchange they were 40% off. Hope it helps.
I agreee that PSB and Paradigm offer tremendous dollar value. I know one of the guys selling on-line (canada hi He is excellent to deal with and extremely customer oriented. I purchased a pair of Stratus mini's from him and was very satisfied. His professional approach and the great product makes for an unbeatable combination.
Uh-oh, the cat is out of the bag. To sweeten the deal, I understand that products made in Canada and USA can be shipped duty free because of NAFTA. I also understand that you can also claim the 7% GST back if you are a visitor to the great (and humble) Dominion of Canada. Regards,
I changed the subtitle to the post, because I think the Canadian audio industry is cranking out some of the best and highest-value sound gear being made anywhere! Those who have read my posts over the past year know (and maybe are sick of hearing) that I really look for high value in my audio gear. Equipment such as Bryston sounds great, is reasonably priced, and has a bullet-proof warranty. The many Canadian speaker manufacturers (Paradigm, PSB, Coincident, and others) have benefitted from the use of the Canadian National Lab which has excellent design facilities that are available to private manufacturers. So, when it comes to Canadian high-end audio gear, we have the felicitous situation of excellent design, highly skilled and committed labor, and a weak currency exchange rate. No, I'm not a Canadian citizen, but I am sure impressed with the contribution that Canadian high-end audio is making to our hobby. Go Canucks!!
Not to badger your praise of "things Canadian" and yes "I am Canadian!" but do try to get your facts straight. First and foremost it is true that Canadian speaker manufacturers have had the beneficial use of the National Research Councils(not the Canadian National Lab... it's not a Railway !) acoustic research facilities to aid them in the development of better loudspeakers. This has helped to yield a better speaker for the money than some competing products that haven't had access to this world famous facility.
You are correct in pointing out that Canada has put out some big names in high-end audio business. There are also ones you may not associate with Canada, such as: Classe, or Verity Audio, Oracle, Blue Circle, SimAudio, Gutwire, and of course Sonic Frontiers. As well don't forget API, who builds and sells the Mirage, Energy and Sound Dynamics brand speakers. Apologies to those not mentioned...
SD is right that probably the largest factor contributing to the perceived value of Canuck-Fi, is the weak Canadian Dollar. Something most Americans don't even think about.. or care about for that matter.
But hey, we here in the Great White North will quietly go on building great electronics and speakers for you Americans to enjoy.
Just remember where it came from !
I think maybe its not just the Canadians. I was in Europe 2 years ago and a lot of non-American gear was cheaper there.
There WAS a day when the $Can was at a 10cent premium OVER the $US...late '60's...but our bloated Fed's ruined that.

My quote: "There are enough levels of government in Canada to serve 100 million people...problem is, we only have 32 million!"

And yes, if you visit here and buy gear you can re-claim the 7% GST on all your purchases!

Don't forget Gershman and Newform Research speakers too!

Happy shopping! Colm
I agree about Canadian equipment (own several pieces), as I do with several of the above posts. Notwithstanding those opinions though, "Bigpoppabryston" just doesn't command the same respect.