Cheap but decent preamp ???

Putting together a second low cost system with older, mid-fi gear. I have an AMC 2100 amp, small monitor speakers, Sansui TU-517 tuner, NAD 5000 cd player, Sony PS-X500 turn table. I need a preamp with phono for < 200 if possible.
Any suggestions? My other system has tubes so I prefer warmer sound if possible.
I'd check out some of the older NAD pre-amps, which can be bought for $200 and have a great phone stage included. I've been using an NAD 106 and it sounds great.
B&K Pro 5 or 10 depending on price used.
NAD C162. I don't see any currently for sale on A-goN but you might find one available somewhere else.
agree - B&K Pro 5 or 10. Also B&K CS117 or CS115 - but make sure they include the phono option.
get a new amc pre for peanuts.
How about the Adcom 555 MkII posted on Agon or the Apt Holman preamp?
Anyone with experience with these?
B&K Pro 10 would be great but doubtful for my budget.
Hafler DH110 preamp with phono. old (25 years) but a very nice preamp Should be under $200 used.. more like $100. to $150.
Emotiva makes a pre for not too much $$.

This will be a new one, and it has bass management which is increasingly important in a 2.1 world.

Will is pass muster in an audiophile system?
They DO have a mailorder return policy, which helps with the 'risk'.
You did not specify remote control needed so I recommend a Nakamichi C5A. Very simple preamp with excellent phono and superrb build quality. OPen one up and you'll be amazed at the parts/build quality.
The older Bryston pre-amps sell for pretty cheap. Bryston's warranty and service after warranty is impeccible. They charge very reasonable prices for repairs if anything goes wrong.

They can also retrofit phono cards on pretty much anything if it doesn't come with one.

They're not exactly tube like, but probably the safest and most reliable bet for very little cash.
I had a 555, phono section is pretty decent.
Forte Model 2
I've really been enjoying my B&K PT3.
Audio Electronics AE-3
PS Audio IVH, 4.5, or 4.6, Superphon Revelation Basic (preferably dual mono version), and Dynaco PAS 2 or 3.
I just acquired a NAD 7000 receiver locally for just $70.
Problem solved. Plus it has preamp outs if I want to use my AMC amp.