Cheap Box Sets

I tend to avoid these because I don’t trust them to be good quality and well remastered. A lot of them come from Europe and are marked up outrageously here.

But this one I couldn't resist. And it's great. Eight albums for the price of one.

Oliver Nelson - Eight Classic Albums

What are your picks?

"The 100 BEST JAZZ TUNES OF THE 1950's."  On Amazon for $17.69.
8 CD Set.  Great Jazz.
Re released a couple of years ago of Starker playing Bach's cello suites. That set is superb, if you like that sort of thing.
If you ever run across box sets of Jazz vocalists by The Easton Press check them out.

They were produced in the mid 1980's and the boxes are a dull Gray/Silver.

I have Ethel Waters, Mildred Baily, Sarah Vaughan, Harry Belafonte, Lena Horne and Fred Astaire.

The Astaire box is my favorite.

Astaire is an unusual choice.  Not what I'd expect to be recommended here. 

Two sets that I've been considering:

Fairport Convention : 5 Classic Albums

Terry Reid :Original Album Series - Terry Reid  

Both inexpensive,  great music. But I'm unsure of the sound quality...
I'm surprised you're asking this, but just as a rough price point, I'd say that any brand new box set at $5 per disk or less is probably a pretty good deal. Assuming the sound quality/mastering or remastering are up to par.

Here's another contender:

Zappa - Meat Light - $8.71 + $4 Shipping from Amazon resellers (3 disks) 
I am getting another box of Classical music from Telarc this week, but with pop/rock one just downloads everything for free off bittorent... !!??
how do you factor in the fact that our kids download whatever they want for free??? Napster is dead but they do it!!!??

My best-buy box set ever:  The Beaux Arts Trio's 60th anniversary box.  You can find it for under 2.00 per disc (I got the 60 CD set for 100.00) if you try.  Tremendous variety and consistency.  Don't be afraid to take the plunge on this one.

Got that right tosta , Beaux Arts Trio was a powerhouse group that has never been equaled . Never played a bad note .
As we are onto classical music, I would note there are now many inexpensive but high quality classical CD box sets available, mostly from the "big three": Universal Music, Sony Music, and Warner Classics.

A standout example would be Deutsche Grammophone’s (Universal Music) "The Originals" 50 CD box sets, Volumes I and II, which generally comprise top notch performances by many of DG’s finest artists over the last many years. Selling at around $100 per box -- $2.00 -- per CD on Amazon, these are one of the great bargains of the century (so far).

There's another Oliver Nelson box set that I've been watching on Amazon. 

Oliver Nelson: The Argo, Verve and Impulse Big Band Studio Sessions Import

Only 6 disks, fabulous music, selling for $199 used and $279 new.

Strangely enough, it can still be had from the record company, Mosaic, at $102. You gotta watch out for those Amazon sharks.