Cheap Backup Amp Needed

My power amp (CAT JL-2) just blew something or other and has to go home to daddy Ken to be repaired. I need a cheap ($500-$1000) replacement amp to tide me over until my real amp returns. I don't care about power (my speakers are rated 92db - Wilson Watt Puppy 5.1s) so much, at least for a month or two, or the frequency extensions. I don't care if it is solid state or tubes. I just want some modicum of emotional involvement possible.
I might use the amp in a second system when it's not subbing in the main system. It would be nice if the amp could be used as a headphone amp also.
Any ideas?
How about trying one of these cheap digital amps that have received a lot of positive reviews.
Tripath Chip: Teac A-L700P($99), Sonic Impact($29), Battery powered Clari-T($499)
Equibit Chips: Panasonic XR50,XR70($300-$400)
JVC Digital: RX-F10 ($229)
Thanks for the ideas. I know the brand names (except for the digital amps) but not the specific models. Amps suggested from other sources: Bedini 25/25, Classe DR-3, Gryphon, Forte 4.
Does anyone have any more information to help with a choice?
Bryston 3B-ST. Because of the 20 year warranty and fact it is a very well-known amp, it is like a commodity and thus can be flipped months later for what you paid for it (maybe more).

It won't break and sounds really good (for what it is).
You might also consider an Aragon 4004. Reasonably priced, much better than reasonable sound.
Adcom 5500. 200 watts per channel, MOSFETS will mate well with your Watt/Puppies. This amp will be less authoritative in the bass than an Aragon 4004, but it sounds better (to me) in the midrange and on top.
I own Pass Aleph, Rowland, Adcom, Aragon & Cary. The Adcom 5500 is easily the most musical for the least ($500.00) money.
Try to find a later one with the detachable power cord.....
For that money, hard to find fault with a McCormack DNA 0.5. At 1K, you could probably find one that's been taken to level b mod at SMcAudio. For 92 dB speakers, if you want something that can double as a headphone amp, how about a Berning microZotl? Pretty bizarre idea at first blush, but I have used one with a pair of 91 dB monitors and they easily filled up a moderate sized room (11' x 14') with acoustic music. I will also say that the Forte 4/4a is a damn nice amp, too.
sophia baby tube amp...very powerful 10 watts and very nice sounding for what it is..about 475 used
AES/Cary Superamp with Copper/oil cap upgrade-Read the reviews-well worth your time.
Thee is a Forte Model 4 available on sale right now. The owner is looking for $600 shipped. I can say that this is a very good amp which does very little wrong. It is better than the popular class B amps such as McCormack (unmodded) and Aragon and Bryston, IMO. It is a very good amp for a second bedroom system and it's not going to cost a lot.
CJ MF-80
Very musical and easily in your budget. Hard to find but once you have it you wont sell it.
Look into Musical Design products. John Hillig makes some great products for the money. He uses parts that are far more expensive than the big boys.
And no I am not a shill for John. The added bonus with his products is that he
can update as budget can go. John has a good ear and he can fine tune any of his products to your liking. I own his pre and power amp...spend $1000's
more and you might get a litte bit better.