Cheap Audio Technica AT95e crushing my Garrot K1

on a linn axis with akito II arm (granted this particular AT is supposed to have a natural synergy with the linn arms that allows it to punch way above its class), the AT95e (a 50 buck cartridge which can be bought for 30) consistently crushes my Garrott (the cheapest garrott but at 245 list not that cheap).

this is purely on the basis of musical fun (PRAT and all that, i have an all Naim system) and not Hi Fi terms. briefly had a dynavector 10x5 which is a great cartridge but is not that much more pure fun as this one. although it does win in every Hi Fi category. i think i am going to assemble a Linn LP12 / unipivot combo eventually and see how this does on it. probably pretty well.

the treble area is a bit ragged (in the way that Linn Kans mk I's or Naim Nait I) were ragged, but it also adds a bit to the driving nature of it. kind of like what a PA system at a live show.

Any comments? feel free to say i'm crazy... i am sure the clearaudio crowd is going think i'm nuts.