Cheap and easy way to downmix 5.1 to PCM?


I have the comcast cable box with the HDMI.

I have a 2 channel stereo that I use with my TV.

I need to run the audio digitally through my DVDO processor to add lip-sync correction to the cable box, but since the cable box can't downmix to 2 channel pcm, I need some other way to do that.

I would think it would be a pretty easy digital conversion? Any "black box" I can buy to do this?

I've got a comcast HDMI box that downmixes to PCM, controlled by the menu settings (its a Sci. Atlanta 8300HD?). I've also got one that doesn't downmix (8250HD?). Have you called Comcast to see if they have a box with both HDMI and PCM downmix in your market?

If not, you may be out of luck as far as cheap devices go. When I was in that boat, I was using a Theta Casablanca pre/pro to downmix, but that was cost-effective only because it was already sitting around. I did look at the time, and didn't find any "little black box" to do the trick. In part, its probably because: (i) the market for people downconverting from 5.1 to PCM is probably limited to a handful of A'gon contributors; and (ii) if you are going to build a downmixer, you might as well build a processor and make more money off it.

If you do find something, post where you found it... I'm settled for this gen. of boxes, but have a sneaking suspicion that I'll deal with this again in the future...
See if under the settings menu under digital out you have hdmi, dolby digital, or other. If you have other, choose other. Sometimes they hide the settings under advanced.
You guys are right - it was hiding in a secret menu somewhere. LPCM over HDMI turned on.