Cheap amp $300 to use with Vandersteen 2ces

Currently, the Vandersteens are being powered by a Rotel RB-956AX in bridged mode for 150w/c. I am selling the center channel and so will be going to 2 channel only.

I have been told that Rotel in general is not a good match for Vandersteens. What other manufactures would you recommend that would match well with the Vandersteens? Now that I only need two channels, I would assume going to a dedicated 2 channel amp would be better than a 6 channel amp bridged to 3.
Actually, I have liked the sound I heard using older Rotel amps on those Vandersteens, and that would have been my suggestion in that price range. Forget "what you've been told", you've used a Rotel with those speakers, what do YOUR ears tell you?
Try a Luxman LV-105u. Its a very well built hybrid.
pse studio iv or v(cost more).. vandies are designed around pse gear..
.. vandies are designed around pse gear..

They are??? It's my understanding that Richard voices his speakers with Audio Research.
Acurus A150 sounded real good when I auditioned said Vandersteens with a Melos 111B preamp.
One of the best amps that I felt was the most synergistic with my Vandersteen 2B's was a slightly modded by Musical Concepts Hafler DH200. A very musical and synergistic combo.
FWIW, many years ago Richard Vandersteen told me that some of the Rotel amps were amongst his first choice for a minimum investment amp for his speakers. He also suggested that more money spent would be well worth it. My humble suggestion is to save your money for a used McCormack.
Muse 100 would mate well.

I have had several B&K amps in that price range but, you can find a used McCormack DNA 0.5 for around $600.
Any idea how the Classe CA100 would compare to the DNA 0.5?
It's your money and your ears.

I would live with the Rotel for a couple weeks and THEN decide if I'm happy or not.

If not,why? Knowing the answer to that question will ease your search for an upgrade.

Happy Hunting.
Taylormade2, IMHO the DNA 0.5 will probably be more dynamic, liquid, tighter in the bass, and more extended at the top. The CA 100 will probably be warmer, less forward, and drier. IMHO the Vandersteen's and the McCormack are one of the best audio combination/values in all of audio. That is not a slam against the Classe' where in other situations (Thiel?) it might be a better choice.

I've been living with the Rotel for 8 years already.
From the responses and the search I have done with the McCormack/Vandersteen combo, I think I'll try the DNA 0.5.

In addition and in reply to Pragmatist, it's not that the Rotel doesn't sound ok with the Vandersteens, but I'm sure for not much money, a good 2 channel amp is going to be better than the bridged Rotel I'm using now.

My main system is Naim Audio so I know there's always something better out there for upgrading. The sale of the Vandersteen center channel and the Rotel 6 channel amp makes the upgrade fairly painless. :)
I use to have 2ce's that were first powered by a Parasound HCA-1000A and then a Mccormack DNA 0.5,the Mccormack was better but the Parasound was close in my opinion.
Thanks for the info Ls6454. What would you say that the difference were between the Parasound and the McCormack?