Cheap alternative for Gallo Strada speaker stands?

Hello all of you who have Gallo Strada speakers!

I just bought a pair (not even delivered yet) and the seller only had the table top stands.

I want to use the Stradas with a subwoofer in my 2 channel music only rig. But I'm not willing to drop $400 on the Gallo made stands.

I guess I could use sand weighted metal column stands and place a platform on top of them to put the table top stands on???

Is this a viable idea? Anyone else tried it? I'm a budget audiophile, so the Mapleshade stands are not an option for me either, plus I have kids.

Gallo recommends a 30" to 40' stand height, so ultimately I'm thinking of something that can set (maybe a piece of maple) on top of 28 inch traditional stands. Or I could build something out of wood or steel tubing custom I guess, and screw the speakers to them like the ones Gallo makes.

Open to suggestions... thanks!