chatGPT identifies concentric driver designs like Ohm Walsh....

If you haven't already  you owe it to yourself to get familiar chatGPT :    (i have no affiliation with it)  -

I was curious what it knew about this topic and i posed the following question and got the feedback that follows.   Anyone familiar with these other speakers ?


what other speakers are designed like ohm walsh  ?   All this below is it's output.


Ohm Walsh speakers are known for their unique design, which uses a concentric driver configuration to produce sound. This design is patented by Ohm Acoustics and is not used by many other speaker manufacturers.

However, there are a few other speaker manufacturers that have developed similar designs that use a concentric driver configuration, including:

  • Apertura Audio: The Apertura Audio speakers use a similar concentric driver design, but the company uses a different approach to the crossover and cabinet design.

  • Silverline Audio: Silverline Audio's Prelude speakers also use a concentric driver design, and are known for their detailed and accurate sound reproduction.

  • Tannoy: Tannoy's Dual Concentric speakers also use a concentric driver design, which is renowned for its ability to produce a wide, stable soundstage and accurate imaging.

  • JBL: JBL's Studio 530, Studio 530 bookshelf speakers use similar concentric driver design, the company call it Dual Diffraction Crossover.

It is worth noting that while these other speakers may share some similarities in terms of driver design with Ohm Walsh speakers, they may differ in terms of overall sound quality, performance, and price. It's best to audition different speakers in person to determine which one you prefer.





Ohm is really not a “concentric design” though they may share certain sonic traits with others that are.  First time I ever heard Ohm  called concentric. Yes they  are a unique patented design but really nothing concentric about it.  Kef, Tannoy, Mobile Fidelity…concentric. 

This is the chatbot's  description of concentric speaker design :

a concentric speaker design refers to a speaker driver where the voice coil and the magnet are concentrically aligned. And it's usually used in a single driver speaker, where the high, mid, and low frequencies are reproduced by the same driver but at different sections of the diaphragm.


I would love to see a one of their drivers cut in half .  My 2000 has upped my quality of life considerably so i suspect i'll update my amp way before a new speaker.


ChatGPT is both scary and absolutely fascinating. Its application seems boundless. Lots of discussion within academia in respect to its role and whether it’s considered plagiarism if used by students for their papers - the results stunning; the concern mass usage. Worth a little research if you haven’t heard.

I've tried out ChatGPT and it is amazing, and scary. But my Grandfather (born 1870, died 1960) once told me that having electricity at home was really scary - to them it was magic. He said my Grandmother refused to turn anything on herself for years.

Wonder if it could design a better speaker some day....

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I'd think lots of speakers use a "concentric driver configuration."

Especially open baffle speakers.

Not the way Ohm uses them, but still.....