chassi wire-phonostage ?

Hi Musiclovers!
I´m about to change wire in my Jadis DPMC to either Cardas or Vampire. Has anyone experience of the two, I´d be glad to share your opinion.

For those who are interested!
I changed internal to Cardas on my SME V, much better uppgrade than SME:s latest done at their factory.
Cardas varmer, no edginess but yet detailed. I prefer
varmer than analythical/transparency over time.
Also changed signal caps on DPMC to Mundorf silver/oil at incoming stage and a mixture of Clarity/Mundorf Supreme
at output (se
More listenable easy going sound.
Yesterday I replaced all signal tubes (4 12AX7EH Electro-Harmonix) to used Mullard NOS, that really opened up the soundstage. Bas tighter more distinct, smoother treble but detailed.
It has been my experience, that wire can change the sound a lot. I think that Cardas and Vampire wire would make the unit sound quite different. My suggestion is that you should know what you want before you do extensive rewiring. Also you should know not only how the unit sounds, but how it sounds in the system as a whole. Wow! That's an undertaking..
Stringreen is correct. You need to decide up front what you are after. The Cardas is better for long term listening.
If you are after detail, a better way to obtain that is to replace the resistors in your phono stage with Vishays. They will lower the noise floor, provide more detail while not producing that edge to sound that so many detailed items do.