Chassi wire-Jadis DPMC phonostage ?

Thanks Stingreen for your advice of consideration before making decision. I mentioned Cardas being used in my SME V-tonearm, which I like a lot, as an option for chassi wire.
Obviously not the same size/awg.
I have no other experience in tonearm wire than SME:s original and Cardas. I´ve had this arm since 1991, previously SME 3009 if I remember correctly.
Reading your threads and ansvers you seem to be very experienced. And I´m delighted to have got ansvers from you. You´re absolutely right, it´s all a matter of synergy.
And that´s nothing you learn by reading articles in various audio magazine. Only by testing items and listening, and that can take a long time as you mentioned.
Reading your threads/ansvers You don´t seem to be fond of Cardas. There we are again it´s all a matter of synergy.
Therefore it would be impolite putting a straight forward question about chassi wire without mentioning my system:
Speakers: Merlin VSM-XE
Sub: Velodyne DD10
Main amps: Jadis JA30
Preamp: CJ-CT5
Phono: Jadis DPMC tubestage.
Tonearm: SME V - cardas internal wire
Cartridge: AirTight PC-1
Turntable: TW Acustic Raven One
CD: Meridian 588
Speaker cables: Siltech-LS188 Classic Mk2
Siltech SQ-110 Classic Mk2 between pre-main amp
Cardas Golden Cross between phono-pre
Tonearm-phono i switch between Cardas Golden Cross and Siltech PH8 Classic Mk2 (more transparent and better for some recordings)
CD-preamp I use Acoustic Zen Absolute

I forgot, I listen a lot to live broadcast from my tuner Magnum Dynalab MD90T, mainly jazz and classical.
Using Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II.
We have great jazz musicians from all over the world playing in Sweden, where I live.

I hope this will clarify your judgement of choice, because I really would like to hear your opinion/taste. Remember I mentioned I prefer varmer towards transparent/dry sound.
Maybe You have another suggestion, I´m open...

Many Thanks!