Charley Pride

I am not expecting many/any to have much interest in this, but I need to say it; I just returned from an afternoon (3pm start) concert by Charley Pride, and to say it was a highlight of my 55 years of attending all sorts of live music events (I lived in Manhattan for many years where there was no limit, in Nashville, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, San Fran,...) does not do it justice.  The man is a legend, so underappreciated.  First thing I did when I got home was search for another one of his shows.  
Saw Mr. Pride in 'Vegas (Texas Station I believe). Very good show and, if you asked him, I doubt he would say he feels "underappreciated".
Just attended a show in Tomball Texas of his son doing a tribute to him and it was awesome as well, Sr. used to be a mainstay at the Houston rodeo every year and we have seen him several times in that venue.