Charles Lloyd suggestions

This name came up in another thread. I'm unfamiliar with him, but he sure seems to have some fans out the in A'gon land. Looking for the best cd/lp to start out with. Suggestions?
You can't go wrong with "The Water Is Wide".

Forest Flower - Charles Lloyd At Monterey, LP Atlantic SD 1473
I'll second Metralla's pick... I've owned several and I keep coming back to "The Water Is Wide" on CD. Terrific recording, moving performance.
For a vintage Lloyd pick- go with Dreamweaver. Positively hypnotic, with a very young Keith Jarrett on piano.
For modern-Day Lloyd - go with his latest, Rabo de Nube. Just tremendous and, I feel, more melodic overall than many of his other recent (still excellent) recordings.
I agree with Amandarae; that live version of "Forest Flower" is some of Charles Lloyd's best work ... superior to the studio date of the same title with Chico Hamilton (Impulse). Also, try "Fish Out Of Water", a nicely recorded ECM CD production performed with Scandinavian side men ... very mellow end-of-a-tough-day kind of stuff. Had the good fortune a few years back to see/hear him at one of his rare live shows.
All of Lloyd's comeback albums since the '90s are essential & a high water mark of recent ECM jazz:

Fish Out of Water
Hyperion with Higgins
The Call
The Water is Wide
Jumping the Creek
Which Way is East
Lift Every Voice
Voice in the Night
Notes from Big Sur

I particularly like his minimalist, moodier stuff: Canto & Big Sur get my vote. His '60s & '70s LPs are all over the place stylistically, from smooth jazz to avant garde to black hippie transplant working with The Beach Boys, Dave Mason, John Cipollina(Quicksilver) and the Cowsills (Warm Waters.)
I would really highlight "Canto" - - mesmerizing performance and excellent sonic rendering.
"The water is wide"
Rabo de Nube, his newest album, is exceptional. It's more accessable than some of his other albums and its a truly great recording. Very very smooth sounding.
Thanks all for the suggestions.

I stopped in at Amoeba LA the other day, and picked up "Water is Wide" and "Rabo de Nube", the only selections from your lists that they had on hand. What a schizophrenic listen.

"Water" is lovely. Understated versions of Duke, Billy S, Hoagie, et al. I feel that Abercrombie and Meldhau are as integral to the music as Lloyd on this project. Everyone is tasteful and the result is beautiful. "Rabo" is from another universe. Aggressive, percussive playing of creative, forward looking music. Almost hard to imagine it's the same guy. Each has its appeal, but I think that I'm more a "Water" guy at heart.

Thanks again.

Hi Martkl,
"I feel that Abercrombie and Meldhau are as integral to the music as Lloyd on this project."
That is the reason I put Lloyd in your thread 'Overshadowed by bandmates'

Got it.

If you like the mellower Charles Lloyd, check out Fish Out of Water and Notes From Big Sur.
I just found one called "Finger Poppin" - but I haven't spun it yet. I'll keep an eye out for "Fish" and "Big Sur".


Check that.

"Finger Poppin'" is the Horace Silver cd I picked up.
The Lloyd recording is called "Lift Every Voice" and it's a 2 cd set.

While you're at it, you might want to check out Dewey Redman. Very similar sounding player, but with -unfortunately - less discography. Check out 'The Struggle Continues', newly re-issued on ECM.