Charging A Fee To Demo An Amplifier In A Brick & Mortar Store

I Saw a pair of pre-owned tube monoblocs for sale on an onlline forum for around $17k.
The seller has a retail store for hiigh end audio. The seller mentioned that there will be an up-front fee for the demo if a prospect comes to the store the amps are not purchased. The demo fee may also be used for credit towards any purchase in the store.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of this. Is this now a common occurance in high end audio stores? I sent a note to the seller asking what the demo fee amount was....two weeks and I didn’t get a response.

Does anyone know what amount of fees are charged for a demo?
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Aug-25-2020Are you going to charge a fee for an in store demo?
Yes. We are. Although the fee can be used towards purchase of other electronics also. Too many hobbyists like to pass time hearing products. They ruin it for businesses.
"Too many hobbyists like to pass time hearing products. They ruin it for businesses."

I thought that audio hobby is all about passing time hearing products. No hobbyists, no business.

I asked two weeks ago what the fee was and I haven't gotten an answer.
That dealer has been trying to unload those mono locks for over a year now.  I would run away as fast as I could. 
Charging someone to demo gear that they are selling is insane! The seller should accommodate you in every way possible, including sharing his or her expertise. There are many times when certain components do not pair well. On a different note the seller should ascertain the seriousness of the buyer if it is a private demo. I do private demos but I also ask questions about the gear the person has. If the person  has a Marantz receiver and wants to demo some MTRX/2 I would have reservations.