Charge for TT setup?

I'm upgrading my TT and am looking at a VPI Classic 3 which retails for 6K. The dealer wants another $100 to take the cartridge off the old table and put it on the new one.
I'm thinking at 6K set-up should be included but I'm not very knowledgeable. Is this a standard practice? Or is it free only if I also buy a cartridge from him?
..but as for ME.....I know the setup of a turntable is time consuming and requires patience and care. I only trust me to do it right.
That's like charging for a tank of gas after buying a new car. Just squeezing you for a mere bag of shells! Just on principle I would walk right out the door.
If this is being done in the store that's outrageous. Now if they have to come out to your house then that's fair.
The very fact you are questioning this says it all--clearly you're not delighted by the prospect, and you shouldn't be! Were I a retailer, I'd be thrilled to have this dealer as my competition. Their lack of common sense is stark--they will jeopardize the long term potential of a customer that can afford to drop $6 large in order to collect another $100? I would be tripping over myself to please a customer with your demonstrated purchase power so that it would never occur to you to shop anywhere else in the future.

I understand the outrage but I'm curious about what constitute a retail price. Is the price just for the physical item or that includes the set up service. If one retailer does it, does that mean all others should do the same? I don't trust other people setting up my gears so I never expected set up to be included. Maybe I should. It's something I never thought of before so I'm curious too. Since I know how time consuming it is to do a QUALITY set up, which is part of the fun, I wouldn't dare to ask someone to do that for me for free. If, for example, this dealer or technician makes $25/hr and spends 4 hours on it, paying him $100 is fair. No? If a friend does it for me, I would buy him a dinner. It's just a hypothetical question because I don't know the audio business behind the scene, plus I haven't bought anything at a shop in years!