Chardonnay as a headphone amp


I was wondeing if anyone here has used a supratek as a headphone amplifier?
I asked Mick if he made any, and said that he's made a few custom ones which involve using a different tube in the chardonnay chassis.

thanks for any advice
i can tell you that they do swing enough voltage to drive some headphones. I tried to use my Syrah with a pair of AKGs k1000s which require a significant voltage, through an Antique Sound labs transformer that took RCA in and provided speaker outs (k1000s run off speaker terminals). Sound was pretty good but i had some issues iwth the adapter and eventually went a different route.

Thanks Swampwalker.

What about with low impedence headphones? Like the Grado line? Any idea how you think they would fair?
i did not try them, but my gut reaction is that a Chardonnay is an aweful lot of component to drive anything but the very best of headphones. i have never heard the high end grados but was not pleased with the "house sound" of some of the lower end models. ASL does make a headphone adapter for phone plug units as well. probably costs about $100. Worth a try.