characteristics of Quad 99 or Adcom 750

What can I expect as the main positive or negative qualities of these two pre amps?

I will use one of these with a Plinius SA100 MKIII amp and JM Reynaud Trente speakers and my main goal is a musical experience - not HI FI attributes

thank you

The 750 is an implementation of a design provided by Nelson Pass, similar in architecture to the Aleph P. Due to these budget constraints it can't compare favorably in performance to the exquisite design and parts quality of the P, especially in active mode, but it's known to be quite decent in passive mode. Back when I needed to make the decision as to how to drive my Aleph 2s the choice was a new(ish) 750 for $1000-1200 or a used Aleph P (orig $4k) for $1800. Getting the Aleph was a no-brainer. Now that 750s are about $700 there may be some value there. Can't help you on the Quad. Good Luck.
Thanks Ernie,

For lack of a Quad 99 on Agon and the Adcom is available, I bought the 750, though the phono on the Quad would have been nice. Will let you know how it goes...