Chapter Preface plus?

Can anybody tell me what this preamp sounds like? I found its appearance great looking, almost captivating, but am wondering if its sound matches its design.

I searched the forum but the opinions were mostly from one member.. Its MSRP is at the reference level, but it's offered here at under 3k. Is it just because the manufacturer's name is new and unfamiliar, or because it is somewhat flawed?

To be mated is another UK equipment ATC 100ASL (latest version) active loudspeakers. I persue detailed, transparent, non-fatiguing sound (hey, who doesn't?:-)

I had the Preface and can say personally,it is the best preamp I have every heard.I will get my Preface+ within several days and compare sound on my Focal Alto Be.
Just got my Preface+ in yesterday and it is a jaw dropping experience even just out of the box.
But I hope you (or others) would descibe its sound in more specific terms, maybe by comparing it to other well-known preamps, so that I might get the feel of it.
Thanks anyway.
Just go to the Chapter website and read some of the recent reviews.I completely agree with them.It is just that simple.