Chapter Audio, Gryphon, Chord, Talk Power Amps

I would like to know if anyone is using one of these amplifiers and what you compared your amp to before purchasing. I own the Pass Labs X-250 and I am looking to get to the next level, more extended highs, more musical and natural mid range and deeper and more definced bass.

I read a review of the CHapter Audio Chapter Two power amp where the reviewer compares this power amphilifer to the Chord 1200 C and Graaf GM-100 and he fells that he no longer needs a tube amp to acheive the sound he wants in his system (for what his review is worth).

Your comments are appreciated.

Happy Listening.
Right now the best amp I have heard is the new Tenor Hybrid's, it is so transparent and resolute, it may be quite some time before another company even matches what Tenor has done let alone surpasses it. Soon the stereo amp will be available making it more affordable to more people, most speakers don't *need* the power the monoblocks produce. This amp does everything right and nothing wrong, they are that good!
don't mean to hijack this thread but Tim I noticed you are selling your BAT amplifier what are you intending to replace it with? Mejames
Justin- I wish I could afford the Tenor's right now, but they have to wait a year or two :( I am planning on purchasing JC-1's when the BAT sells.