Chapman T-7 opinions?

Has anybody heard some Chapman T-7 speakers? If so what is your opinion of them? I currently have PSB Stratus GOLD i
and Klipsch Forte II's, how would they compare to these?
I have a pair that I dearly love. I have been upgrading my other equipment and with every piece the Chapmans continue to surprise me. I always wondered why they did not receive reveiws and become more popular. I have them set about 17 feet apart and the imaging is spectacular. (Yes I'm a bachelor) They do a great disappearing act. The bass is deep,(If I remember the specs correctly they go to 20)the midrange is delightful, and the highs are clear. I understand the maker is now doing soely custom work and is plenty busy. I can't compare them to the other speakers but I love mine. And if I ever do upgrade they are going to the surround system in the other room. I've also thought about getting another pair now for the theatre. Let me know if you know where to find some. BTW - they are big so I wouldn't recommend them for small rooms. Enjoy!
It's been some time since I heard the Chapman T-7, but I remember them very favorably. Stewart Chapman used to attend the meetings of the Pacific Northwest Audio Society, and demo'd many of the changes and improvements to his T-7 and T-9 speakers. His speakers have some design similarities to the Vandersteen models, although my recollection is that they image more accurately.
Thanks for the follow ups. I like rock and blues to listen to. Are these speakers very dynamic. I am not a big bass freak but I do like good midrange and sweet highs, do they do that well? With my PSB Stratus GOLD i speakers, I like the imaging they produce and with the Klipsch Forte's I like the dynamics and the bright sound. I know that's not for everbody, but that's what I like. Can anybody further give some characteristics of these speakers. Any comments would be welcome. Thank you in advance.
Kirk, that sells the model you are asking about here on the Audiogon, will help you with all these questions. I was interested myself, however load isn't 'benign' enough for my amp. Regards!