Chapman Audio Systems

I really wish that everyone has an opportunity to meet an icon of our industry. After that wish, I hope that the person met has even a small degree of the charm, style, and wit that Mr. Stuart Chapman Jones possesses. What I experienced this weekend at the shop of Stuart Chapman Jones of Chapman Audio Systems is somewhat hard to describe. Stuart Jones carefully hand builds and hand designs loudspeakers. His depth of knowledge, research and tinkering is wonderful to behold. His designs flat out perform. They are made in a very understated clad but they will sit you on your rear if you dare reach for the volume!

Stuart and his reputation fall somewhat under the radar. Stuart is the type of man who lets his work do his talking, and boy does his work shout. If you have not had a chance to visit I suggest making this a mecca-like pilgrimage to the Seattle area and take a ferry to one of our most well-hidden secrets. The impetus of my trip was to bring out a set of very old and somewhat abused set of shorty T7 speakers. Stuart welcomed me directly into his shop and began to show me his world. I travelled over with a friend of mine (Also a T7 owner, responsible for turning me onto Stuart’s work) and we hit it off immediately.

Many hours, many laughs, and many tracks later all I can say is wow….bring your toilet paper because you will blow your pants! After cracking open my speakers, discussing options, making a deal on a custom set of surround sound speakers, Stuart was kind enough to send me home with a set of loaner speakers so I don’t have to be music-less while we work out my set….unrivaled customer service.

I have not yet decided how wild I want to get with my T7 speakers, whether I want to take advantage of his trade-in program, or if I want to just pull all the money from my 401k and let Stuart go wild…his speakers are literally that good. I am including a picture of the single sweetest-sounding system I have ever heard….

Thank you Stuart!

I just saw this post.  My local audio club is scheduled to meet at an Authorized Demonstration Facility for Chapman Audio loudspeakers in June.  You have whet my curiosity for this event.  I will try to post my impressions following the audition.
Awesome! Right now Chapman Audio Systems is doing some custom work for me. I am going to be running an all-chapman 5.0 home theatre. I might add a sub later (not a chapman item) but the bass is so deep on the T8 speaker that I dont think I will really miss not having a big ol box in my living room.