Chanpman Audio T7 Speakers

Has anyone auditioned or used these speakers in there system? Comments?
yes, and they are as good as my ar classic 30's, which in my book says alot. you could spend gobs(20k anyone?) more and not even come close. that said, i would compare them sonically to hales and well with lots of different gear...and deliver every recording like its the first time you've ever heard it. in a perfect world, they would sell thousands of units, and lots of other companies would just stay home....there are lots of great speaker designs, and great buys in the used market, but these are classic in every sense of the word, and now more than ever represent outstanding value.
they were awesome when I owned a pair. Their drivers were life limited all mine blew out after about ten years. THere is a recent thread on here about how to get them repaired and chapmans new speaker the T-77
look up member Douglas schroeder, he will be able to give you great info...great guy too!
I have a pair of T-7's which just received the newly available "Chapman" T-7 upgrade. New Chapman propriatary woofers, Scanspeak mids drivers, and the quantum leap newer totally upgraded crossover components and internal wiring plus Black Diamond racing cone feet and binding posts. Like an electrostat but with the transient dynamics of cone drivers. A T-7 with the "Chapman" upgrades for ~ $2000 is one of those rare audio treasures. Just be sure to give them time to breakin and you will be amazed.
How well do they do with progressive rock, classic rock and guitar drivin jazz?