Channel Islands Squeezebox Power Supply?

Associated Equipment:
-Logitech SB3 Stock (.Wav or .AIFF via WIFI)
-dCS Purcell Upsampler (to DSD)
-dCS Delius DAC
-Mark Levinson 336 Stereo Amp
-B&W N802 Speakers
-Transparent Power Bank Ultra
-Transparent Reference Interconnects, Digital Link, and Speaker Cable


What impact would replacing the stock Squeezebox power supply with the Channel Islands VDC-SB have on the digital out performance?
Based on your equipment list, I'm surprised you don't just shell out the cash and try it. When I added it in my system, I noticed an improvement in bass slam and an overall sense of the music being a little smoother. Also, you could probably try a nice powercord for an additional gain in quality. Noticeable with analog or digital out.
Given the rest of your gear, if you want to go wireless, get a Transporter.
This isn't helpful guys.
Jig you used in your system with the digital out in a DAC?
I have the VDC-SB and I believe the improvements are modest. I have only had the VDC a couple of weeks, so there still could be some break-in. Also, I use a monarchy upsampler between the SB and my CDP, so the effects may be masked so some degree. I need to remove the monarchy and see if I can better detect the impact of the VDC, but just haven't gotten around to it yet.

I would suggest looking at the Bolder Audio mods to the player and their power supplies, both of which have been well reviewed. There's a forum over at

As to the transporter, if you're using the digital out into your DAC, the transporter's not worth the extra expense, IMHO.
I have the CI power supply and it was a noticable improvement over the wall wart in both detail and soundstage, as well as improved bass slam and low level resolution. I also upgraded the umbilical with a Revelation Audio cable. They were both installed at the same time so may have something to do with it. I use a Shunyata Alpha Taipan on the CI. Well worth the investment. I had not used my FM tuner while I had the wall wart installed but have heard some say the wall wart causes interference.
An advantage of the Transporter, independent of its DAC section, is it will pass 24/96 files, if that's important to you.
I use a Bolder power supply with my SB3. The difference between the stock wall wart and a "proper" power supply is huge. More slam, more bass, more detail. A big improvement in every way.
Cerrot and Ecruz, you guys are both using the digital out into an outboard DAC, correct?
Yep. Into the DAC section of a TacT RCS 2.0.
I will probably try it in light of your comments. I will report back when I do.

In the meantime if anyone else has any thoughts I'd like to hear them.
Yes, coax out into benchmark dac1, nordost digital cable
Cerrot, what is involved in upgrading the umbilical? Does the Revelation cable just plug in to the power supply and the Squeezebox without any modification or adapters?