Channel Island DAC & Digital out on Cable Box

Anyone out there ever hook up their digital out from the cable box to a Channel Islands DAC???

I called the guy @ CI, and he says it should not be a problem.

When I connect using a digital interconnect I hear a rapid "pulsing" sound.

Any insight woould be appreciated. Thanks

I think you must make sure that the cable box can output PCM, not Dolby Digital. If you cable box allows you to set the digital output to PCM, it should work. If your cable box does not allow PCM output, I think you are out of luck.

I ran into this issue in my system and my cable box only outputs DD, not PCM, so it would not work.



That makes sence, because when I ran it throught my HT Reciever, the Dolby Digital indicator WOULD light up.

Thanks....mystery solved. I'll do further research on possible output options on "box"