channel d ??

i just read the get better sound newsletter and read the channel d site. i have lots of questions but would like some input concerning sound quality improvements using a music fidelity vdac with an ibook g4 and this program . i do have a solid state 30 gig hard drive with all itunes ripped and downloaded at itunes lossless. i have thousands of cds on my portable harddrives. i.m calling them tomorrow but thought i would see if anyone else has tried this. thanks john
You must be referring to the Pure Music player. I have been using it for more
than a year and I like it a lot. But everyone hear differently. In stead of asking
others how they feel, why don't you just download it and see if you like it? It
has a 15 days free trial period.

While you are at it, download the two free players Audirvana and AyreWave as
well. Both players take minimalist approach and their GUI aren't as convenient
to use. But sound-wise, although they sound different from each other, are
excellent and better than Pure Music in my opinion.

They can be downloaded from these links:



Have fun.
thanks. i,m going to do this. i thought itunes sounded very good with lossless so maybe i,m in for a treat? pc audio is a audio enthusiast christmas morning with all sorts of new things to try. and everything is right in front of me!! the flea market that is in my den needs organizing as i generally listen to what is on top of the cd pile. this is why i have not posted a picture. my mom wouldn,t be impressed. ha thanks
I agree with Sidssp.

Ayrewave is the best sounding player on my system. Audirvana a close second. From the reports I have heard, it tends to be system/listener dependent. I have a license for Pure Music, but have not used it since AyreWave. I'd try AyreWave soon as it is a beta, with price to be announced.
i installed pure music trial. there is definitly something different here. i,ve only listened to one itunes download. i.ll report back but i think i just spent 129 dollars.