channel cutting in and out

I posted this question on Amps & Preamps but received no responce. So i thought i would try here.
When i ajust the volume on my DK VS1 MKII,the left channel cuts in and out. Once i reach the volume i want it stops cutting in and out. But i end up with slightly less volume comming from the left channel.
Dirty Pot?

How old is the amp?
I agree with Shadorne - it's likely a dirty pot.
It's 4 years old now. I know that some of the earlier modles had a problem of a channell cutting a very low volumes.
I'm not familiar with the dirty pot term. Could some one explain.
a "pot" is a potentiometer - which is what controls your volume (ie it's the thing behind the volume knob that actually changes the volume level). It does this by having a "wiper" rub against a variable resistor. If the surface between the wiper and resistor gets dirty then it can cut out. It's not unusual for a 4 year old part to have this problem. The fix is to get contact cleaner and spray it into the Pot which cleans and lubes it.
Great, Thanks for the responces!!
Have a great holiday season.
If the volume control is scratchy you could also try polishing the contacts by rapidly spinning the knob all the way up and down several times with the preamp off.