Changing the spped on an Linn Lp12

Can anyone tell me how to change the speed to 45 on an LP 12? I haven't used 45 in so long that I can't remember the procedure. I welcome the feedback.
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Hold the power button down until the green light turns on.
If you don't have a Lingo you will need to pull the pulley off the motor and replace it with the other pulley.
Thanks for the responses. I don't remember where the other pulley is. I guess I'll have to order another pulley.
Sorry, I wrote before I thought this through. The 45 rpm pulley slips over the existing pulley. Please don't try to pull the 33 rpm pulley off!
Thank you for the follow-up
Make sure you get the correct size 45 RPM adapter. The 60Hz motor (small pulley) needs a small diameter adapter. This motor was only sold in the US with the Basic power supply and VERY early Valhalla power supplies ('82~'85). The 50Hz motor needs a larger diameter adapter and is the current US motor. Your dealer can help you identify the right one.

Thanks. I went to the Valhalla in 1990.