changing speaker impedance

Just curious....

If you have some 4ohm speakers and an amplifier that is not stable for 4 ohms, if it possible to raise the impedance of the speaker without affecting the sonics?
I saw something advertized on this site earlier this week.
Not cheap, though. Might try a big resistor first.
What amps are not stable at 4 Ohms ?
Those found in recievers usually cannot handle a 4 ohm load, at least, not the cheaper ones.

Looking at building some speakers, finally settled on Adire Audio's KIT-281's for L/R and a sealed for the center. a pair of thier smaller bookshelfs for the surrounds.

These speakers are all 4 ohm loads. I was planning on integrating 2 channel with HT, I would use pre-outs from the Reciever to the pre-amp and use my Amplifier for the fl/fr, while the center and surrounds would be powered by the amps in the reciever. So for 2 channel the reciever wouldnt even be in the loop, and the PRE would only pass through the signal for HT.

The Denon POA-2800 would have no problem running a 4 ohm load. It is a budget amp, but im pretty impressed with it. The reciever is going to be budget, either a used Denon 2801/2/3 or 3801/2/3 series reciever. I used to have a 3803 and really liked it, but it doesent claim any ability to handle a 4 ohm load, only 8 and 6.

I am on a pretty tight budget, im allowing about 600 for the L/C/R speakers (building my own cabinets) and maybe 500 for a reciever. I will use my existing DBX Pre-amp and Denon-POA2800 and some crappy Kenwood surrounds for now

I may be able to squeeze out 1,200 or 1,300 total for everything. A cheap 3 channel amp is not totally out of the question, but if possible, i would just prefer to find a way to boost the impedance to at LEAST 6.


Tell ya what...

Budget audiophiledom is real tough. I wish i had enough to afford better gear, but with little funds i will have available for this i am determined to get the best sound i can for the price.

Adire has some pretty good reviews on thier kits. 8 inch woofers and a tweet in an MTM config, should be able to move enough air. Plus they go pretty low, so i can get by without a sub untill i get the funds to build one of those as well.

Im about 60/40 2ch/HT, i want the best i can possible get for both worlds.

I have to keep in mind that this is the beginning of getting me back into the game, many upgrades will follow, but i want a good rounded system to start off with, and i really want to build my own speakers

Luckily though, 6.1 and 7.1 is out of the question, i already wired the surround cables beneath the hardwood floor, im not going to string cable across for 2 more speakers. Eventually i will build a dedicated theater in the basement anyways.

So many comprimises, so many comprimises.

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Take a look at this site.

One useful product for this are Impedence Stepup/Down transformers. these can be used after the amp for load balancing.