Changing speaker cloth

I find that my speakers sound a lot better after I remove the cover of the speaker elements. The speakers are 20 years old and I am guessing that the manufacturer picked a non-transparent cloth or that cloth for speakers have developed since. I can not imagine that Wilson's and the like would have the same issue.
Has anyone experimented with speaker cloth and found one that is very transparent?
Just a word of caution. The grill that holds the cloth may be necessary to reduce edge diffration.

You can order speaker cloth from a variety of suppliers. I have never experienced the problem you describe but a slightly different sound is quite likely if you removed the grill assembly from the front baffle and sharper edges remain.
most speakers with grills are made to be used with those grills. transparent cloth has been around forever, so i wouldn't change, unless you just prefer the sound when off.
You can buy grill cloth from places like Madisound and Meniscus. Attach it with 3M Super 77 spray adhesive, available at hardware stores. My speakers sound better without the grills also. Just have to convince the cat that they are not for his entertainment :^)
Parts Express has a few styles.