Changing Rubber Feet on MMF-5 to Cones??

I was able to find Dayton ISO -4G Isolation Cones at Parts Express, but they stick on. I would require something that screws into the bottom of the unit, correct? It was my understanding that the rubber feet are attached with screws. Where would I be able to locate the correct cones for the table? I am trying to make it a little easier to level as well as reduce vibration. I've heard of others changing the feet, but haven't been able to nail down what product they used. I'm still figuring all this stuff out here, so any help is appreciated. Thanks guys!
Check the Bearpaws on this site...I am getting ready to order myself..You can get any thread size you want...If you not sure of the thread size you can remove one and send it in and have the thread size matched on site.......
You certainly cannot reduce vibration by going from rubber to cones!
Vibration was the wrong term. I was a little tired when I posted last night, sorry. I am looking more to level the table than anything else. The rubber feet are a little weak and worn. They seem to hoard a bit of dust as well. I did contact Dan about the Bearpaws and they seem to be a great option. I will most likely place an order soon! Thanks.