Changing power conditioner stock power cord

I have not seen this thread yet on audiogon. Pls point to me if such question has been asked before. Currently I m using an exact power conditioner. Is wondering whether changing the stock powercord will improve the sound, and not merely changing the sound. Your opinion is much appreciated. Happy listening
If you think it will improve the sound, it will.
You can easily find a power cord that will change the sound, however, only you can determine if the sound change is an improvement. An improvement in someone else's opinion, may only be different, but not better in your opinion.

Most things in audio are merely changing sounds. It's whether you like the sound change or not that determines if it's an improvement or not.

I could easily tell the difference between power cords I tried from Shunyata Hydra to the wall.

I completely agree with John on this. Change will happen, but is it for the better or worst, it's only for you to decide. You will have to try it.
Is you Exact Power a conditioner or a re-generator?

Narrod, very good comment. Do you have closed captioning turned on when you watch TV?
John is right on.

(And Narrod is way off -- contrary to what he might think without having tried it, these things *can* be heard by careful listeners who don't believe in fairy dust).

However, as far as changing cords on the ExactPower in particular goes, when I change the cord on mine I don't hear quite as much of a difference as when changing cords on individual components which follow the ExactPower. This makes sense to me given what the EP is supposed to accomplish, but I still do find it worthwhile to use an upgraded PC here, and different aftermarket PCs do lend a different overall system sound, with some being better than others.
Audphile1: The Exact Power is a regenerator of sorts (it doesn't regenerate the entire AC waveform, but more efficiently compares it against a fixed internal reference using a sub-cycle feedforward technique and then compensates for distortions and voltage deviations by actively regenerating whatever's required to make the summed output correct, which is feasible because the desired output is constant).
Zaikesman, Exact Power makes 4 models. Actually one of them is a filter, model is called "UltraPure".
Which one are we talking about here?
Audphile1, I'm sure your system sounds wonderful. I don't feel a need to insult you.
Audphile1: Yes, only the EP15A model is the regenerator. The others are balanced isolation transformers, some with filters, intended mainly to be used in conjunction with the 15A.
Anybody out there has tried it with differentPC and like it? Anybody has tried audio horizon transparency PC with Exactpower or APS purepower ? TQ for responding
Taking Audioblazers thread to the next logical step, if the chord into your conditioner does make a real difference, perhaps it is the chord you should spend the most on. Changing that lifts the whole system, not one component. That is a question not a suggestion by the way.
David12: True enough about that cord affecting the whole system. It's equally true of the cords on the power and pre amplifiers as well.