Changing Magneplanar LRS jumpers for Neotech 12 AWG

Magneplanar are well-known for their panel isodynamic panels and their potential for clean sound is very high especially considering their price.  The LRS are no exception and they share a common characteristic among many Magneplanar if not all, a steel nickelled jumper. Many forums exist about this topic and the results after changing these jumpers are positive in many case or not change in other cases.

Using Neotech with Teflon 12 AWG solid core, simply propelled my LRS on another level.  I need to say that I used Mundor Connector BFA Beryllium Copper Banana Plug soldered with Cardas solder for convenience.

Imagine listening music at midnight with an excellent definition, pin point imaging a kind of pure happiness listening to music and keep this impression at 2h.30 pm 

Much more precision globally much less grain in the voices males, females, better bass,!! better bass?? Remember that many Magneplanar use series structure cross-over so tings are interdependent the bass and table cells are interrelated contrarily to parallel cells.

The difference is huge, really huge.  Your turn to try.
@armagedon36 - What length are you cutting the wire for your jumpers?
I replaced the jumpers with both furutech copper and silver wiring.  I really don't know if it made any improvements in performance.  After popping off the binding plate, I'm going swap out the binding posts and bypass the fuse.
The jumpers I made are about 3,5 inches long and U shaped with 2 BAF Mundorf banana plugs soldered with eutectic Cardas solder.

I did the same using Duelund DCA 12 wire the one with cotton impregnated with oil. I didn't try it yet.
Did some more searching...couldn't find a x-over schematic for the LRS.

Anything out there?   Don't want to tear apart the grill cloth if I don't have to.

Contact Danny from GR Research.  He just came out with an upgrade kit for the XO, so he should have the schematic.