Changing internal cabling, anyone use Jantzen solid conductor?

I have a pair of Mirage M1 speakers and I'm replacing the internal cabling. The existing cables, I can see, are oxidized and over 20 years old. Cable technology has come a ways since then. So I decided to go ahead and replace them.  I saw these jantzen cables, wonder if anyone has used them and what's the result.

Years ago I used dh labs t14 for internal cabling and it was detailed and fast and I liked it. But I need around 45 feet. And dh labs has gone up in price since I used it years ago. So I'm looking for a more cost effective method which will still lend excellent results, assuming there is such a cable.

Again thanks to all who respond to my posts your information has been sincerely appreciated.
Get the new Duelund 16ga stranded and thinned wire in cotton for $10 meter from Parts Connextion. Duelund as has a new 20ga for $7 meter I think. They are just wonderful.
Here is the part number, yes under hookup wire and sold as a single strand. Simply twist every 1.5 - 2 inches and mark one positive and negative with heat shrink on the very ends. Do not terminate, just use the bare wire. Bested my $2000 cables and others have had the same experience,.

For internal speaker wires and external speakers cables I’ve used Rio Grande dead soft .999 silver foil inside McMaster Carr polyolefin heat shrink tubes. This compares well with Duelund silver foil in silk wrap at reduced cost. For long runs you can double or triple up.

+1 granny. I rewired my lowther speakers with 20ga duelund solid core (duel runs to both positive & negative) & they are amazing. Top to bottom improvement. Highly recommended. 
I appreciate all of your comments. I calculated the cost of the duelund at around 270. Problem I'm facing is cost. I'm redoing the caps as well and there's close to 40 caps I'm replacing. So not sure if I should just wait and get some more cash, or go ahead with a little cheaper cable. I was thinking about the jantzen silver coated cable as a cheaper option. But after checking into that duelund cable, I've read it's absolutely phenomenal. That Rio Grande also looks pretty good, but it's up over 225.

Of course with Rio Grande you're getting .999 solid silver-- a much more expensive metal than copper-- and at commodity market pricing, without the premiums applying to audio marketing.