Changing Fuses on McIntosh C500


Does anyone has any experience changing stock fuses to audiophile fuses (Hifi Tuning) for the McIntosh C500 Tube preamp & controller? Is it worth the while in terms of improvement in sonics?

Am contemplating doing that, but got no advice or details on the type and number of fuses in both chassis. Will really appreciate if anyone can advise here.

I switched to a Furutech on my ARV LS26 and have been happy with the results. I won't say leaps and bounds but better control. I would imagine that you would notice improvements as well. It may depend on your power cord as to how much you notice. Note: this subject is a can of worms as many disagree any gain can be obtained, my comments are based upon my and a friends experience in his system. YMMV
Used HiFi Tuning Fuses in C500T preamp.

The music sounded clearer, more dynamic, with improved transients—simply better all around.
Hi Lapierre,

Thanks, do you have the quantity and fuse values based on your experience, or you could advise anyone who know the answers? Both McIntosh & AudioClassics did not respond..

I am based in Singapore running on 240V. But at least a starting point for me will be great.

Check your manual or pull the fuses out and look at them.The values and type should be on them.By all means,replace them with the same type and value.I'm pretty sure you could find the info on the internet with a little searching.I changed the mains fuse in my Rogue and did not notice any change in the sound.This is something you have to try for yourself,no one can give you a definitive answer.You said the mfrs. did not respond,was this communication thru email?Sometimes it takes a few days for companies to answer email,why not call them.Good luck.
FWIW, the owner's manual of my C220 preamp notes that the correct fuse values are printed on the rear panel above the fuse location.
Thanks all who responded.

The C500 power input area did have fuse value specified.
For that fuse I should be able to manage. The main question is about the internal fuses/values - some of which might be missed by the untrained eye, so seeking help from experts here who did the fuse change before.

Had Lapierre mentioning better sonics achieved on his C500T. Any other views/experience, anyone?

Thanks in Advance
Another FWIW - while some McIntosh owners report improvements when upgrading the mains fuse, I have yet to read one McIntosh owner that heard any improvements by replacing the internal fuses.