changing fuses in pass amps

I am interested in changing the amps in my pass labs amps. Does anyone know where these fuses are, what their values are and how many are there? I do not see any fuses externally so I have to assume they are all inside the amp somewhere. Before I go and take my amp apart, I would like to know if getting to these fuses are difficult?
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I'm not sure that your XA 160s have fuses. I am reproducing a few sentences from the XA 160 owner's manual:

The amplifier’s voltage and current rating are indicated on the rear panel. It will be either 240 volts, 220 volts, 120 volts or 100 volts, all with a restorable type circuit breaker of the appropriate ampacity. The inclusion of this re-settable circuit breaker does away with the need for disposable fuses.