changing from rotel and peach to plinius 8100?

Hello all, I am going to replace my rotel 980 power amp and my juicy music preamp, for a 8100 plinius. I have been reading quite a bit about the plus sides to intergrated amps and am wanting to try it out. Before you say anything I know the 8100 is quite old but my thinking is it will give me a taste of how a good integrated can sound, am I correct? My question is what changes should i expect? thank you very much. Scott
I know the 8100 is quite old but my thinking is it will give me a taste of how a good integrated can sound, am I correct? you will not be disappointed plus I think the 8100
is better as the new 9100 also you can do an upgrade that
will make it even better
Switching from Rotel to anything is almost always an upgrade. Enjoy.
The peach is a good preamp in my experience, that was the piece that was bugging me the most, also sold the rotel 991 and bought a resolution audio cd50 again a older piece but according to resolution audio will sound similar to the opus 21, not dead on but in the family tree. thanks,Scott
I owned many integrateds including the Plinius 9200. I went back to separates lately and I'm beginning to hear more instrument separation, detail etc. But if you can optimize your system with the 8100 (right speaker-match, cables etc) you can have a satisfying system. Satisfaction is about matching speakers, electronics, sources and cabling. It's challenging unless you already have a successful blueprint.
i also bought a resolution audio cd50 as a source, it's old but should match up with plinius from what i have read.
I know nothing about your current amp and preamp but I do know that the Plinius runs hot, which may or may not concern you.
I have a Naim Nait 5i which I purchased after reading a glowing review in The Absolute Sound. The review was accurate and I have been most happy with it.
The Plinius 8100 is a very good integrated amp, especially at the current used pricing. The Portal Panache would be another good choice in the under-$1000 used class.

All of the resolution Audio CD players are very good and the company behind them is outstanding.

What speakers will you be using?
If the Plinius has preamp inputs and can be run as a separate amplifier, then I'd try that with the Peach.

IMO, down the road, you may regret selling the Peach unless you're looking to spend considerably more money on your system. That preamp performs well above it's price point, and it's Hi and LoZ settings provides impedance matching flexibility not found in many other tube preamps at any price point.
I have decided to hang on to the peach and make a direct comparison, I will let you know my findings. Thanks,Scott