Changing from RCA to balanced- possible?

I've got a Sonic Frontiers Line1 preamp that I really, really like (probably because it's a HUGE step over the Adcom it replaced). It's feeding a Bryston 4BST amp through the balanced outputs, which was another HUGE step for me (I'm relatively new to seperates, and Audiogon). My question is with the preamp inputs- I'm running out of them since the Line1 has only four RCA inputs. It also has two balanced inputs, which I would like to use, but none of my sources have balanced outputs (phono preamp, CD, CD burner, tuner, DVD/TV (sorry!), and reel to reel). Does anyone know if I can change an RCA output to a balanced output, such as through an adapter of some kind, or with a change of cabling? I'm specifically thinking of the phono preamp and tuner, and have considered contacting the respective manufacturers, but I thought I'd throw this out there first. Lastly, this may be a stupid, obvious question to some of you, but it's not to me. Please keep the snide comments to a minimum (or at the least, keep them over my head!) Thanks for any help you can give me. Jim.
Hi Jim- You have at least two different choices I could suggest. Plug-in adapters are made that convert Balanced outputs to RCA. There are many grades available. BAT markets some really well-made adapters like these. I can't recall the name of the actual manufacturer, wait I think it's Neutrik (Swiss made), but you may do a search here or on AudioAsylum under either "Cables" or "Tweaks/DIY". Just type in "RCA to XLR" and you should get some hints at these solutions and the products. The other method is to purchase an adaptive interconnect. Some cable companies manufacture custom IC's that have RCA on one end and XLR (balanced) on the other end. This is usually a custom application and are more challenging to find. I actually use this solution in my work system to feed the signal from my Rega Planet 2000 (RCA outputs) into the 'Direct' / balanced input of my ARC LS-2B preamp. I bought a Stealth CWS (cross-wrapped silver) cable that is Male RCA on one end, and Female XLR on the other. Stealth makes some excellent cables, but you can also get some other cable manufacturers to do the same. Make sure you order the proper RCA and XLR configuration that you need (the RCA end is probably always going to be male RCA, but the XLR end can be either male or female depending on your needs...sounds like you probably need a cable like I have). The adapter plugs are around $100 on the used market for a full set of four. You can also buy cheapo adapters at your local electronic supply. The IC solution will depend upon which IC's you get. As far as which solution is actually better, I don't have the knowledge to tell you, and would be curious myself. Needless to say, I have not A/B'd both solutions, though have used both at different times. Hope that helps.
Try here
$45.00 shipping included.
Hi. As to adaptors, most of the manufacturers do not make an RCA male (which is what you need at the output of your source components) to XLR. BAT and Rowland do not, or at least didn't a year ago. The best by far of the few who do is Cardas, especially if you use heavy or stiff cables. Music Direct ( carries them. Purist also makes them, but takes longer, charges more, and with heavy or stiff cables the RCA male tends to bend from the strain. Good luck.
Get ahold of Steve @ Quest for Sound (an AudioGon showcase dealer)

He can make you some balanced-to-single ended cables using Phoneix Gold wire and nice connectors for a very reasonable price. Good quality and he can make the wires/ship within a few days. The wires he made me were cheaper than the BAT adaptors and I'm very happy with them.
My God, I LOVE this site! I posted this forum at about 2 A.M. CST, and by 10 A.M. I had 64 views and 4 replies! Thanks to each and every one of you!

Jax2- Your CD/preamp hookup is EXACTLY what I'm intending on doing. I'm not even considering the Rat Shack option (didn't know it was available), but it's nice to hear that someone has done this with premium quality IC's and had success!

Mjglo & Jeffloistarca- Checked them out, Thanks! I'll give them some serious consideration after this thread runs its course (which should be short).

Mgottlieb- Cardas. Why do I keep running into that name? Seriously, that's who made my balanced preamp-amp IC's (purchased as demos), and I love them, but since my experience is limited, I was not aware they could help me here as well!

Got lots to choose from, and if anyone has experience doing this, I'm open for further suggestions.

Again, many Thanks!

Another more complicated (but sonically better way): get a (used) Audio Research BL1 single-ended to balanced interface. It requires two sets of cables (one RCA set from the output of the single-ended component to the box, one XLR set from the balanced output on the box to the input of the balanced component). It lets you run a single-ended component into a balanced component and run the balanced compoent in true balanced mode. You can find them occasionally on Audiogon for $250-300.
This sounds COOL! I've never heard of such a device, but if the sonic differences are noticeable, it's absolutely the way to go! Tried finding some info on this, but came up empty. Specifically, does the BL-1 handle only one device, or are there ins and outs for two (or more) devices? Things could get out of hand at $300/each if they only handle one, but I can always start with one and go from there. Anybody know? Thanks again. Jim.