changing from monitors to florrstanding speakers

i currently own a pair of sonus faber concertos an a rel strata sub III, but i am planning on changing to floorstanding 3-way speakers, and eliminate the sub. my current options are: (budget is $3500-$4000)
-thiel 2.4
-vandersteen 3a
-b&w n804

i have audition all of them and so far i have not been able to choose one, can somedoby who has experience with this speakers recomend??
i listen to jazz, female vocals, and some classical.
my room is 16 x 12 with very high celings 12 ft.
my other equipment is classe cap-151, rega planet 2000 cd player and audioquest cables.
thanks in advance..........
These are very different sounding speakers. I have used Vandersteen for years and now have the 3Asigs. They are a little laid back sounding to some, but as my other gear has improved, so have they and I would no longer call them laid back. So I guess they really don't have a bump in response to "goose" the sound. You will find many here that like female vocals and acoustic music on the Vandersteens. They typically sound good with many different kinds of equipment. I haven't heard Thiels in many years, but they have a reputation for being demanding in terms of upstream components. I heard B&Ws (can' remember the model) I few years ago and thought them to be too "hifi-ish". Lots of detail and imaging, but not much emotion.
I agree with Swampwalker about the B&W's.

If you were to go used, you can get substantially more of a full-range speaker, i.e. Von Schwiekert VR-4 Gen III SE's, Aerial Acoustic model 10T's, etc..

I have the Aerial 10T's. When I finally found the right amp to drive them, I stopped using a subwoofer and haven't looked back.

for your size of room and using the classe integrated amp, i would recommend trying a pair of totem forest speakers (small 2 way towers with a full range sound). i listened to the totem forest and hawk speakers for quite a while at he2003 this year and they are very musical speakers (no sub needed). i have listened to the 3 speakers lines you mentioned above and liked the totem's better (i have the totem arros in my den and the totem model 1's with a rel strata III sub in my audio room driven by classe gear.) the other speakers in this price range i would audition would be joseph, proac, and revel lines. i am curious though, you have a small to medium size room and (imo) I would think a monitor/sub setup or a smaller 2 way would sound better in your room. I used to own a pair of large 4 ways in my small room and couldn't get the sound right.
I'd give you the advice that replacing your current setup with some of the towers you mentioned will get you better sound. However, I think that you will loose a lot of the low bass you have now with the REL. I do not know about you but the first time I heard real full-range sound from two speakers a revelation. So, if you can buy used maybe and find something that goes down to 30hz flat. I'm at the point that I'd choose full-range sound over a very refined midrange any day, especially since like me you listen to classical. I wish you the very best listening.
I demoed B&W 803's and the 3A Sigs, and the Sigs easily came out on top. You can also add a pair of Vandersteen subs, and end up with a setup close to the 5A at a much lower price. The B&W's were too bright and fatiguing.

My room is 20x24 with 15' ceilings and the 3A's worked well.

Good luck.
Given your musical preference I would strongly recommend listenting to the Sonus Faber Grand Pianos. I have a pair and absolutely love the sound. John Coltrane Blue Train is so real I close my eyes and forget I'm home. Same with Vivaldi's 4 Seasons and Diane Krall. What I find more amazing is that they also do a PHENOMENAL job with classic rock and alternative rock which is what I listen to 70% of the time.

The only complaint some may make is that they bottom out, but keep your sub and you are golden. I'm NOT using a sub and still have no complaints.

Good luck.