Changing a Theta Dreadnaught Module?

I want to convert a 5-channel Theta Dreadnaught I to 6-channels. Is this just a matter of taking the cover off and trading out the mono card for a stereo card or is it more complicated than that? Do I have to send it to a dealer?

Any help from someone who has done this before would be appreciated!
First you have to turn the amp over, or on end, and remove the screws holding the module that you want to remove from
the bottom side. Then carefully remove all of the cover screws, and the screws on the rear of module you are removeing, lift the cover off.

After that you just lift the module out, and carefully set
the new module in place while being carefull of the pins,
set it back on end and replace the bottom screws, they hold the module in place. Then replace the cover and screws.

Make sure that you use the correct size phillips on the
cover screws or you will probobly strip them. Set the toggles on your module and your done.
By the way, the phillips size for the cover screws is 1x4