Changing a half-switched outlet to MIT Z-duplex.

Basically my room has 4 half-switched outlets controlled by a single light switch. I want to change one of the outlets to a MIT Z-duplex outlet if it can be done easily w/o disabling the switch on the other outlets. Can anybody point me in the right direction on this? I have found a few diagrams but not quite what I'm looking for. I'm guessing the current outlet is going to have 5 wires where the MIT will only have the usually three.
You have 4 half-switched outlets, which means that those outlets have half-hot for the other portion. Shut off the power for that circuit at your panel. Take your outlet out of the wall, turn the power back on, and find which leg is hot all the time and not wired to the switch, and wire up your new outlet using that hot leg. Be sure and don't break the tab on your new outlet on the hot side, like your half-switched ones are.
If they only used 3 wires, you will have a white (neutral) and one black and one red wire. Wire the neutral to one of the screws on the neutral (left side) of your new outlet, and then the other end of the white wire to the other terminal on the same side. The wire you determined to be hot will go to the hot (right side) of your new outlet, using either terminal, and then wire the hot wire that was formally used to continue to the next outlet to the other terminal. The wire that was switched will have to be tied together with the wire that continued on to the next switched outlet. Any electrician can do this if you're not comfortable doing it.