Changes to the Watt/Puppy System 8

Does anyone know what changes Wilson has made to the new Watt Puppy System 8?
I have been able to find that they will ship towards the end of June, and they will be $4000 more than the system 7.
New Tweeter with new crossover. Changes to the materials used in the Watt as they are no longer using lead inserts.
What is new about the tweeter?
Their ad in the current TAS describes the new tweeter as the same as the one used in the MAXX.
Velo62: mainly that it's a lot more expensive than the old one... Ya gotta love Wilson Audio.
I would love wilson if they would get away from the titanium. Wonder what the beef of those hong kong sellers were.
I have been a fan of the watt puppy 7, so this is not a criticism, but it seems to me that continued price increases on the watt puppy platform may significantly diminish sales. If I understand correctly, the w/p has worked its way up from around 10k and w/p 8 to over 26k. It seems that there is only so big of a market to pay such a price for such a small speaker. I mean that if someone has 26k to pay they probably have 45k (or whatever the current maxx 2 price)to go up the product line. For those who have a more modest budget, the sophia is the obvious choice. It is touted that the w/p is "the largest selling over 10k speaker", but I don't see how that could continue if the trend continues and the w/p 10 is 40k.
They posted an ad in the Absolute Sound indicating that they underprice their products. I have Wilson 7s-but as Bigsam2 has indicated, there is a limit to what I can spend and still feed the family. They may force potential Wilson buyers to look at other products just to see what the "value" really is.
" but I don't see how that could continue if the trend continues and the w/p 10 is 40k."

Not so sure that I understand your logic.

With progress and innovation there always comes price increase to go with the R&D which established it.

I remember back in the mid 70's when the cost of a Mercedes 450 SL was considered to be absurd at $15K. The new SL550 has an MSRP of $90K.

"such a price for such a small speaker"

Don't kid yourself that this is a small speaker. The soundstage which it throws is spectacular
Hi Guys just couldn't help chimming in here.

Wilson's current price structure and ad is a sham!

The ad makes it sound like they are switching tweeters in pursuit of something better, when in reality they are being forced out of Focal drivers as Focal is leaving the OEM business and will no longer be making tweeters available to Wilson or anyone else. I have seen the picture and the tweeter's look like Focal's but I think they are not.

The price is way out of line, I just delivered a pair of $16,800.00 Usher BE 20's which will kill dead a pair of WP 7 and will most likly outperfrom a pair of MAX's.

The BE 20 uses a pure Beryillium tweeter and midrange! With two Eaton woofers which are far supeior to the focal's or Scanspeak woofer Wilson uses. This 300 lb monster is amazing and offers a similar sound if not superior to than the equil of the $40,000.00 Kharmas'.

Then there is Terry Budge's new company Escalante Designs.

They make a chunky monster monitor called the Freemont for $15,000.00 that offers true 18hz bass and remarkable speed in the midrange and 93db efficency for a reasonable price.

Let Wilson continue to do what they want there are a number of incredible speaker systems out there that are priced fairly and over time people will become aware that they don't have to take out a second mortgage to build an incredible audio system.
Thanks for you comments, BUT please this was not a question as to your affordability, and what you think something is worth. PLEASE stick to the topic...if you want to rant about price or value please start a new thread