Changes in the MBL 101 E over time

I am seeing more 101e for sale-maybe everyone is going to the MKII - anyway- I am thinking of getting a used pair and was wondering whether there has been any upgrades over time done to these speakers or it does not matter which pair I get??- any thoughts and help would be appreciated- thanks,
Hi Bebop86 I have been told that there has been, one easy way to tell and older model is if the bass sub unit has lines grooved in the cabinet going around which is close to the two ports. There is a pair right now on Gon in black with this. You would be best to contact MBL direct for technical as others will give you different answers. There really aren't that many for sale, one company has 2 or 3 ads for the same set of speakers for sale, they use to be a dealer but no more and are selling of their product and the other is another dealer. MBL speakers are special, when I bought mine I was suppose to have been getting the latest version but found out I did not so that's my only reasoning. Are the new MKII versions better? most likely just different sounding. I have no faults with my current MBL's and they are my favourite speakers to date that I have owned.