Changes in ALSA in Ubuntu 9.04?

I realize I'm one of the few running Linux but worth a shot. I updated both my laptop (arch) and my server (Ubuntu) to the latest versions. I noticed something extremely strange when I loaded up 9.04 for the first time.
After restarting from the update I ssh'ed into the Ubuntu box which is connected to the stereo. Opened MOC and WTFed at why the volume was reading something around 16%, I had left it above 50%. No biggie, I hit "p" to play and it's loud, louder than it has ever been.
The overall sound quality is completely different, much better all around with a strong bass. The subwoofer honestly wants to crumble the 1960s house if the outdated electrical system will give it its desired amps.
The arch box has no noticable changes to the sound quality and seems just as it has ever been. Only difference is the wireless signal strength doubled... I guess this is why you should keep your systems up to date.

Anyone else notice similar things when they upgraded to 9.04?
I am not familiar with MOC, but the only thing I can think of here is that you are now bypassing the mixer, so your software is now sending output at full volume.

I am using a stripped down version of Ubuntu 9.04 (but with the latest ALSA release) on a Fit-PC Slim that is acting as a squeeze device network player so I can use my Squeezebox Duet remote. The Fit-PC feeds a Wavelength USB DAC. The sound quality is outstanding.