Changed the power cord to SignalCable Magic Power cord on my CroMag II

I changed the stock power cord on my Cronus Magnum II today to the SignalCable Magic Power cord and the results left me speechless. I can’t believe the difference it makes to the sound quality. It just opened up everything...the highs and lows. The soundstage is so much better's like I’m listening to a different amp. One of the CDs that I always test with, Eric Clapton unplugged sounds amazing. Every change to my system seems to be getting me closer to the sound that I want to hear. Initially, I thought it was the speakers so I upgraded from a decent set of Dynaudio speakers to very good set of Harbeth C7 speakers and the sound improved but not significantly. Changing the power cord was a night and day difference in the sound Can you guys suggestion some other relatively cheap changes to improve the sound? Anybody witness similar realizations?
After one week and a couple of different configurations, I've ended up with using the two new MagicPower Signal Cable power cords I recently purchased on my phono preamp and main preamp.  I have Audio Refinement (YBA) separates and when I used the MagicPower cables on my main preamp and amp, my system sounded too warm and lost it's punch.  The current dual preamp config kept the punch and PRAT I'm used to hearing yet expanded the soundstage in a 3D manner with a little more warmth, similar to how great tube preamp / solid state amp combos sound.

I might get two more MagicPower cords for my tuner and oppo 103.  I kept the Volex unshielded power cords on my amp, tuner, oppo and cd recorder for now.

Full system details on my system page.
I know this is a bit old subject but I'm not quite understanding OP's remarks about the affects of power cord. If a component  sounds very neutral by design out of the box, then any aftermarket "upgrade" or tweak with any noticeable impact, will by definition move the sound quality away from being neutral. Otherwise it will have no impact. For me, any tweak worth keeping is there to make a positive change.
@nycjlee As the US Distributor of YBA, we use and HIGHLY recommend the Audio Art "Signature" power cable. In fact, we included the AA Signature AC Cord with the YBA "Passion Pre/DAC" when it was reviewed by "Soundstage Ultra".